Did you know? over 40%

of men have never spoken to anyone about their mental health?

Close to 30% of those who haven’t done so say they are “too embarrassed” to speak up about it, while 20% say there is a “negative stigma” on the issue

[ the many roots of mental health issues ]

Ultimately this leads to self-absorbtion, isolation, self-harm, suicide thoughts, and sadly men taking their life.


Insert the School of Man Foundation where the soul mission is to better each man by helping him embrace vulnerability and take control of his mental health for the sake of his family.

All donations to the School of Man Foundation 501c3 are 100% tax deductible and provide the following:

Scholarships into the School of Man for men who need to be Reborn

Event cost for the Awakening Event, a semi-annual two day retreat in the Ozarks

Professional services to assist with building curriculum, coaching, and instruction

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